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Michael Allen Clark

Communications Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Drupal Developer and Marketer for Hire

I love working with people to find and create that core message.  The best analogy for communications that I have ever seen is the picture above.  Think of each of the nails as a message.  Just like with the nails, when there are too many messages, none get through. 

I've been developing large scale websites on the Drupal platform since 2006.  Since 2012 I have built sites exclusively on Drupal for it's increasing usablity and flexiblity.  

I've loved marketing since my first sales job at 11 years old, selling candy bars and soda out of a cooler and wagon.  At the time I didn't know it was marketing, but I still remember how excited I got when I increased sales by first adding "Ice Cold" to my sales poster.