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Michael Allen Clark

Communications Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Drupal Developer and Marketer for Hire

I love working with people to find and create that core message.  The best analogy for communications that I have ever seen is the picture above.  Think of each of the nails as a message.  Just like with the nails, when there are too many messages, none get through. 

I've been developing large scale websites on the Drupal platform since 2006.  Since 2012 I have built sites exclusively on Drupal for it's increasing usablity and flexiblity.  Are you curious to learn more about Drupal and if it is right for your organization, if so lets chat

I've loved marketing since my first sales job at 11 years old, selling candy bars and soda out of a cooler and wagon.  At the time I didn't know it was marketing, but I still remember how excited I got when I increased sales by first adding "Ice Cold" to my sales poster. 

My Three Words for 2014

There are a small handful of people and websites I follow, and one of them is Chris Brogan. On his site he talks about creating 3 words to represent the year. I liked this approach over simply creating goals or resolutions. The idea is that you create something that you will remember and be able to think about each day. With my three words I can make sure they reflect and match what I am doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

My three words for 2014 are trackship, and sexy. I know it sounds like a new motto for the post office, but after much reflection I knew these were the words that would work best for me.

These three words will act as triggers for actions I intend to take or avoid.


I have read a millon times about the fact that those that write down goals are more likely to succed. I have also read that what gets measured gets results. For a long time I have toyed around with various apps and strategies for tracking fitness, nutrition, and finances. The more I track and the more I get in the habbit of tracking I can actually see what I am doing, how much I work out, where my time goes, money goes, etc.

Examples of Tracking:

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St. Martin & St. Barts

Got married in July of 2012 and after that went on the most amazing honeymoon to St. Martin and St. Barts.  It was easily the most amazing 2 week vacation that I could have ever hoped for.
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My wife and I have goal of at least one get-a-way per year.  Since most of the year has been pretty crazy we decided to take a relatively simple trip to a very relaxed island, Kaui.
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San Diego, CA

Went to Califonia this summer to mix some business with pleasure.  I was selected to speak at the NSRPA National Conference about Stealing Tips from the Business World for Your School Communications.
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